The Large Veranda


The Large Veranda is Splot's most labor-intensive and complicated kilim to date. It takes five weeks to make and is a display of weaving mastery executed by Polish women weavers and a testament to what painstaking work is. Veranda’s dominating pattern is complemented by a background in blue gradients adding another visual layer to the design.

The kilim was created in accordance with Cepelia's (Central Folk Art and Crafts Union) tradition of weaving on a linen warp, where the weft is a thick tapestry yarn, and is partly produced by us, by hand, on a spinning wheel from wools from the Podhale region, and partly by using up the existing stock of the Bobowa Cooperative, according to zero waste principles. The natural materials and traditional manual techniques used to make the Large Weranda kilim ensure that it will last for generations turning the art of design into a heritage piece.

When designing the kilim for Splot, Zofia Strumillo analyzed the wooden architecture of Poland's Podlasie region, and it was from here that she took the leading theme of her work. The modular form of a traditional country veranda in her interpretation breaks apart as if a result of a computer glitch accumulating on the fabric's surface. However, if we were to consider carefully, the loom and the computer are united by the same binary principle of operation—zeros and ones, threads of weft and warp intertwining with each other, creating unique patterns.

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