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Traditional craftsmanship for the modern home

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Splot blends the finest tradition of Polish handcraft with modern and bold design.

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Our Story

The kilim has a long and fascinating tradition in Poland. They were initially brought from the East to the nobles’ manors, with time becoming more domestic and produced locally. They captivated Modernist artists, such as Stanisław Wyspiański or Zofia Stryjeńska, who often worked in this medium. In the 1920s and ’30s, kilims decorated grand public buildings as well as private Modernist villas. After the war, they were made in many of Cepelia's (Central Folk Art and Crafts Union) workshops, both for the Polish market as well as for export, unfortunately, with time this noble craft was nearly forgotten.

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Przemek Cepak


stashed away in houses, stored in museums and attics, kindled my imagination. My dream of making modern Polish kilims led me to the weavers working for the last operating cooperative in the town of Bobowa, outside of Cracow. I knew then that together we would create something unique.uried in houses, museums and attics, they ignited my imagination. When, with my dream of modern Polish kilims, I came to the weavers of the last operating Cooperative in Bobowa, I knew that together we would do something special.

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We are proud of our craftsmanship

Weaving a kilim isn't a magical process, instead it involves experience, precision and painstaking work. It also requires unique design, a selection of befitting yarns, as well as a rather priceless component - time. An object crafted this way will accompany us for years to come, therefore a decision to buy one should be well thought out and taken without undue haste.

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Hand rocking kilim Eros redSmiling two weavers posing for photo Kilimi Eros lying on the groundKilim ChaosKilim Little Uranos hanging on the wall of a bright room above a gray sofaLogo Must Have Lodz Design Festival

Space and Chaos at the Museum

Triangles? Evergreens? Mountains? Or perhaps spoil tips? Everyone seems to see something different in Edgar Bąk's design. The Silesian Museum in Katowice has largely recognized it as contemporary classic design, and purchased the Chaos and Kosmos kilims for its collection.

Space and Chaos at the Museum
Space and Chaos at the Museum


Belwederska 36/38D (lok. od Lądowej), 00594 Warszawa


A new kilim by Edgar Bąk available now!

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Kilim Chaos

Nowy kilim projektu Edgara Bąka już w sklepie Splot

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Okładka pierwszego magazynu Vogue Living

Splot on the cover of VOGUE LIVING

Splot on the cover of the very first issue of Vogue Living Polska and inside you will find an interview with Przemek Cepak the founder of the brand, as well as our bold designs.

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Kilims & Pasta

The Rapallo kilim opens a series inspired by a meeting we had with renowned Warsaw restaurateur Justyna Kosmala. Justyna and Splot share a passion for the Memphis Milano aesthetic, which defined the colorful design style of the 1980s and 90s. During this creative meeting, the Rapallo kilim was born, and it will decorate the lavishly designed interiors of an Italian restaurant in Warsaw's Wola district.

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Two laid-back people, one sitting on a table and the other on a chair, in the background on the wall of the Rapallo kilim
Kilim Weranda na lustrze a w sutrze obija się wazon na żółtej kostce, zdjęcie artystyczne

Must Have 2022 for the kilim Veranda

We dedicate the MUST HAVE award to prof. Zenovia Shulga-Galan and the Hlyniany community, who have continuously looked after the kilim traditions for many years connecting the Ukrainian and Polish nations. We stand with you.

Kilim Veranda

Splot x SPLOT

What do Splot and SPLOT have in common? They both share a love for design, respect for local artistry traditions and craftsmanship as well as a name that coincidentally, or by a twist of fate, sprung up in the minds of therr founders Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik and Przemek Cepak.

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Kilim Weranda wypada z komody która jest ustawiona bokiem na środku schodów, zdjęcie artystyczne

Hlyniany are weaving!

The Splot brand, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Zena Workshops, are reviving the weaving traditions in Hlyniany, a town in Western Ukraine, some 50 km east of Lviv, where since the second half of the 19th century the largest kilim weaving center in Austro-Hungarian Galicia operated, and later, in independent Poland. "Hlyniany", just like "Meissen" with its porcelain or "Murano" and its glass, became a brand, a synonym of quality. Henceforth, Splot offers kilim designs that have not been woven in decades. Zenovia Szulcha, an artist and professor at the Lviv National Academy of Arts for nearly half a century, oversees the quality of our products. With our Hlyniany kilims we adresse today’s demands by using recycled Polish wool, we support local communities by continuing weaving traditions and creating an international, but above all an interpersonal common thread. This exemplifies the true spirit of Hlyniany, whose heritage, over the last 150 years, has been created by people identifying as Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, or somewhere in between these identities, because Splot is about bringing people together.

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Exhibition of Splot kilims at the Łódź Design Festival

Kilimy Splot na Łodź Design Festival

Kilim Zenit at the Maison&Objet fair in Paris

Our ZENIT kilim by Piotr Niklas is on display at the prestigious Maison&Objet fair in Paris - one of the most important events in the field of design in the world which takes place September 9-12. Together with befriended brands SPLOT, Biel, Bujnie and Nurt we create a unique stand filled with contemporary Polish design. The stand is curated by Zofia Strumiłło - Sukiennik - interior architect and designer, as well as the author of our upcoming kilim. Let's conquer Paris with polish kilims again!

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ZENITH premiers at the Europejski Hotel

We are proud to present the ZENIT kilim, which just premiered on the occasion of kilims making a comeback to Warsaw’s Europejski Hotel. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the opening of the ŁAD Artists' Cooperative’s store in this iconic building. Special occasions require a special setting.

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Zdjęcie wiszących kilimów z perspektywy osoby patrzącej z dołu
Kilim Świt który był wśród najlepszych projektów na Łódź Design Festival 2021

Kilim DAWN amongst the best Polish designs of the year.

The MUST HAVE 2021 award goes to ... KILIM DAWN! We are proud and honored that it has been selected amongst the best Polish designs of the year. Congratulations to designer Piotr Niklas, as well as the weaving cooperative from Bobowa, who had turned his ideas into an intricately woven reality. Those who wish to experience all the colors of DAWN with their own eyes will be able to do so at the winners exhibition in Łódź at the main square of Manufaktura between May 14 - 23, 2021.

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Presenting Splot STUDIO

Splot STUDIO explores tapestries in a smaller format, intended for more intimate spaces. They are made of natural wools, in unnumbered series, and with a more simplified finish, making them an accessible, top-class design.

Przemek Cepak i Piotr Niklas z uśmiechem pozują do zdjęcia w pozycji stojącej


Piotr Niklas zdjęcie portretowe

Piotr Niklas

Graduate of the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, he has been designing for over a decade. He specializes in visual identity, poster design, user interface and webpage design especially for cultural institutions, video game developers and tech companies.

Ola Kotarska zdjęcie portretowe

Ola Kotarska

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She comes from the Polish-Belarusian-Lithuanian border, she is a painter, illustrator, photographer, and an art educator. She explores the issue of distortions in visual perception, documents wastelands and ditches. Her works were shown at individual and group exhibitions in Gdańsk, Warsaw and Wrocław.

Edgar Bąk

Edgar Bąk

Edgar Bąk’s style and approach to graphic design is marked by a certain simplicity, although a reflective one. He tends to base his designs on plain, geometric shapes and configurations. He is focusing on the creation of visual identities, specializing in complex identification systems as well as posters, album covers and illustrations.Edgar Bąk lectures at the School of Form in Poznań. Previously, he worked at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Zofia Strumiłło zdjęcie portretowe

Zofia Strumillo

Interior architect and designer, graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2011, she co-run the Beza Projekt studio for 10 years. Her works have not only won international several internation awards, but are also on permanent display in the gallery of Polish design at the National Museum in Warsaw. She has designed for brands such as: IKEA, ACRA/Du Pont, Bausch & Lomb, Vox, Mdd, etc.

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