We would like to present the kilim "Herd" by Maria Bujakowa from 1964. As of yet only one piece has been made, and it is part of the collection of the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz.

Maria Bujakowa (1901-1985) had already made a name for herself as a kilim and textile artist in the 1930s. Her tapestry “Jan III Sobieski” received the Grand Prix award at world expo in Paris in 1937, and in 1939 she went to New York to decorate the hall of honor of the Polish pavilion at the World Fair. After World War II, Maria Bujakowa settled in Zakopane where she was the leading designer of the Zakopane Pattern Workshops, giving the kilims created there a style that was modern but also rooted in local sentiment. Recently, the Museum of Opole Silesia hosted a major retrospective exhibition of Bujakowa's works, which inspired us to turn to her design.Thanks to the courtesy of the artist's daughter, Mrs. Magdalena Lenczowska, and the Tatra Museum in Zakopane, as well as to the weavers from Bobowa, this "herd" may soon wander into your home. To weave Maria Bujakowa's "Herd" kilim, we used an assortment of wools as suggested by the artist's daughter. We combined natural yarns in a varying intensification of mélanges.

This herd has stopped for a moment and it pricks up its ears as if it knows we are watching. Any moment now it will break off into a dash and flee somewhere into the Podhale forest thicket. Will you be here on time to catch it?

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